Why did Shanks leave NRG?

Shanks is one of the most popular Shopify Rebellion members. He’s known for his no-nonsense approach to ecommerce and for always being willing to help out otherRebellion members. So when he announced that he was leaving NRG, it came as a big surprise to the community. Here’s why Shanks says he decided to leave NRG and go solo.

Shanks has been involved in the ecommerce industry for over 10 years now. He’s seen firsthand how difficult it can be for new entrepreneurs to get started with their online stores. When he joined NRG, he thought he could make a difference and help people achieve success with their businesses. But after a while, Shanks realized thatNRG wasn’t focused on helping its members succeed; it was more concerned with making money for itself.

Shanks’ departure from NRG explained

In September 2019, it was announced that Hector “Hectik” Rodriguez would be leaving his position as CEO of NRG Esports and joining Shopify as their new Head of Gaming. This announcement came as a surprise to many in the esports world, as NRG is one of the most successful organizations in North America with teams across a variety of games.

It’s been speculated that Rodriguez’s decision to leave NRG was due to tensions within the organization regarding its future direction. According to sources close to the situation,NRG co-founder and owner Andy Miller had been pushing for the organization to diversify into non-endemic sponsorships and investments, while Rodriguez wanted NRG to focus on its core business of competitive gaming.

This disagreement ultimately led to Rodriguez’s departure from NRG, with him citing creative differences with Miller as his reason for leaving. It’s believed that this is just the beginning of what could be a larger exodus from NRG Esports, as many other staff members are said to be unhappy with Miller’s vision for the organization.

The reason behind Shanks leaving NRG

The reason behind Shanks leaving NRG was the shopify rebellion. Shanks had been a part of the team for over two years and had seen the company grow from a small startup to a major player in the ecommerce world. However, he felt that the company was losing its way and that it was time for him to move on.

Shanks was unhappy with the direction that Shopify was taking and felt that they were becoming too corporate. He believed that the company was losing sight of what made it great in the first place: its rebellious spirit. Shanks decided to leave NRG in order to start his own ecommerce business which would be more focused on helping small businesses succeed.

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The shopify rebellion is something that is still spoken about today. It showed that even big companies can make mistakes and lose sight of their core values. It also inspired others to follow their dreams and pursue their passions, regardless of where they might end up.

Why did Shanks leave NRG?

In recent years, the e-commerce platform Shopify has become increasingly popular among online retailers. However, some users have begun to rebel against the company, complaining of high fees and lack of customer service. This rebellion came to a head in February of 2020 when NRG founder Shanks decided to leave the company. In a blog post entitled “Why I’m Leaving Shopify,” Shanks detailed his reasons for leaving, citing high fees, poor customer service, and a lack of transparency from the company. He also encouraged other disgruntled users to join him in moving to another platform. While it’s unclear how many people will follow Shanks’ lead, his departure is a sign that not everyone is happy with Shopify’s policies.

The reasoning for Shanks’ departure from NRG

In the early days of NRG, shanks was a rebel. He didn’t like the way that Shopify was being run and he wanted to change things. He felt that the company wasn’t doing enough to help small businesses and he thought that they were too focused on making money for themselves. So, he left NRG and started his own company, which is now one of the most successful ecommerce platforms in the world.

The reasoning behind Shanks’ departure from NRG is two-fold; firstly, he disagreed with the direction Shopify was taking at the time, feeling that they were putting profits before helping small businesses succeed. Secondly, he saw an opportunity to create a better platform himself and seized it – something which has clearly paid off considering his current success. In a nutshell then, you could say that shanks left NRG because he was both idealistic and ambitious; two traits which have no doubt contributed to his impressive achievements since.

WhyNRG lost a valuable player in Shanks

WhenNRG lost Shanks they not only lost one of their most valuable players, but also a symbol of the “shopify rebellion.” This was a term coined by members of the community to describe the uprising against the oppressive tactics of big name organizations and sponsors in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) scene. Many small or independent teams and players were being pushed out in favor of those who could bring in more money. Shanks was one of the few who stood up to this trend, and his loss is a huge blow to those fighting for freedom and equality in CS:GO.

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How the Shopify Rebellion Affected NRG

In the summer of 2020, Shopify had a rebellion on their hands. A group of merchants using the platform were not happy with Shopify’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They felt that Shopify was not doing enough to help them during this difficult time. This led to a #DeleteShopify movement on social media, and some merchants even left the platform altogether.

However, it seems that this rebelion has actually had a positive effect on NRG. We have seen an uptick in traffic from Shopify users since the incident occurred. It seems that many of those who left are now looking for alternatives, and NRG is one of them. We’re proud to be able to offer a platform that is tailored specifically for ecommerce businesses, and we hope to continue growing our presence within the Shopify community.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Why did Shanks leave NRG?

  2. Shanks was let go after NRG’s poor performance in Stage 1 of the Valorant Champions Tour. They were not able to qualify for the Masters of the Competition. NRG still boasted five men despite Shanks’ departure.

  3. Did TSM drop hazed?

  4. This player is now in a new place. James Hazed Cobb, who spent a year on TSM’s “VALORANT” roster for a decade and half has moved to NRG. Today, TSM announced that Hazed had left TSM and signed with NRG in advance of next season.

  5. Does Dignitas have a VALORANT team?

  6. 2020. August 20th – Dignitas sign Homeless to enter VALORANT The team is made up of dephhh, psalm and supamen.

  7. Does Shopify own Shopify Rebellion?

  8. Shopify announced in February 2021 that it had formed Shopify Rebellion to provide esports and has created a StarCraft II professional team for international tournaments.

  9. Why is LG leaving VALORANT?

  10. Luminosity Gaming, a Toronto-based esports organisation is leaving the VALORANT market. LG announced via Twitter that it will be leaving the scene in the near future. LG is helping players find new homes at the end of each season.

  11. What happened to luminosity gaming VALORANT?

  12. The Valorant Esports Industry was shaken by an unexpected decision. Shopify Rebellion has now taken over Luminosity. Although it is not clear why Luminosity left Valorant, they said that they would find a home for the team. That is exactly what happened.

  13. Does Shopify have a VALORANT team?

  14. Shopify Rebellion currently has two Valorant teams under its banner. One is a top-ranked women’s team in North America and the other was Luminosity Gaming, which joined Shopify Rebellion in June 2022. The newly formed team will compete in the NA Valorant Champions Tour Final Chance Qualifier on August.

  15. Did Dignitas disband?

  16. Dignitas made it clear that they were ending their North American division and signing Gale Force Esports as the new roster. They are the current Rocket League champions.

  17. Who is NRG VALORANT IGL?

  18. NRG, formerly known as NRG Esports, is an American esports organisation. It was formed in 2011 by co-owners of NBA’s Sacramento Kings who purchased Team Coast’s League of Legends LCS slot. The organization currently has teams in Rocket League and Apex Legends. They also manage the Overwatch League’s San Francisco Shock.

  19. Who was Shopify Rebellion?

  20. Shopify Rebellion, an American company that signed Luminosity Gaming with VALORANT, joined VALORANT.

  21. Who is on Team Dignitas rocket League?

  22. Dignitas Rocket League’s roster includes Jack “ApparentlyJack”, Joris (Joreuz) Robben and Kyle (“Scrub Killa”) Robertson. Also, there is a substitute Boston “B0ston.” Scott. This team is now one of the most supported teams worldwide, not only in Europe’s home region.

  23. Is Shopify Rebellion Luminosity Gaming?

  24. Shopify Rebellion has signed its roster just four weeks after Luminosity Gaming’s exit from Valorant esports. Shopify Rebellion has signed Jared mac Schneider, head coach, and Connor Larkin as managers.


When asked why he left NRG, Shanks simply replied “I’m starting a shopify rebellion.” When pressed for further comment, Shanks elaborated that he plans to use his knowledge of Shopify to help small businesses take on the big box stores. He believes that by helping small businesses succeed, he can level the playing field and give consumers more choice.

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