What are product variants?

Product variance is a term used in marketing and business. It refers to a situation where there are two or more products that differ in some way. The most common type of product variance is when different products are offered at different prices. Other types of product variance include differences in quality, features, or design.

In business and marketing, the term “product variants” usually refers to products that differ in price. For example, a company might offer three different versions of the same product: a basic version, an upgraded version, and a premium version. Each version would have a different price point, and each would be aimed at a different type of customer.

Variants can also refer to other types of difference between products, such as quality or features. For example, one computer company might offer several variants of the same laptop model: one with lower specs for budget-conscious consumers, one with high-end specs for power users, and so on.

So what does all this have to do with Shopify? Well, Shopify offers its own built-in variant system which lets you create multiple versions of the same product…with different prices! This can be really handy if you want to offer multiple pricing tiers for your customers (like we talked about above), or if you want to sell the same product in multiple currencies

– What are product variants and how do they work?

Product variants are different versions of a product that come in different sizes, colors, styles, or with different features. For example, a t-shirt might come in multiple colors and sizes.

Shopify allows you to add as many variants as you need for each product in your store. There is no limit to the number of variants you can create for a single product. However, keep in mind that too many variants can make it difficult for customers to find the right one they’re looking for.

To add variant options to your products:

1) From your Shopify admin, go to Products > All products.

2) Find the product that you want to add variant options to, and then click Edit:

– How to add product variants in Shopify

Assuming you want a blog titled “How to add product variants in Shopify”:

Product variants are a great way to offer your customers more choices for products, and Shopify makes it easy to add them. In this post, we’ll show you how to add product variants in Shopify.

Adding product variants is simple: just go to the “Products” page in your shop’s admin, click on the product that you want to add variants to, and then scroll down to the “Variants” section. From there, you can add as many variants as you like. You can also set different prices and weights for each variant.

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Once you’ve added your product variants, they’ll appear on your shop’s frontend so that customers can choose which one they want. That’s all there is to it! Adding product variants is a quick and easy way to give your customers more options when they’re shopping on your site.

– Best practices for creating product variants in Shopify

Product variants are an important part of any ecommerce store, and Shopify is no exception. There are a few things to keep in mind when creating product variants in Shopify, and following these best practices will help ensure that your store runs smoothly.

When creating a new product variant in Shopify, be sure to give it a clear and concise name. This will make it easier for customers to find the variant they’re looking for, and avoid confusion at the checkout. Additionally, don’t forget to assign a unique SKU to each variant. This will help you keep track of inventory levels for each individual product.

Finally, take advantage of Shopify’s built-in image swatches feature when adding images to your product variants. This allows customers to see what the different color or style options look like without having to click through each individual image. Simply upload all of your variant images under the “Images” tab on the product page, and then select “Image Swatches” from the “Variant Images” dropdown menu.

– The benefits of using product variants in Shopify

When it comes to product variants in Shopify, there are many benefits that make this feature worth using. First off, variants give your customers more options to choose from when they purchase a product from your store. This can be useful if you have products that come in different sizes, colors, or styles. Additionally,product variants can help you keep track of inventory for each individual variation of a product. This is especially helpful if you have products with multiple variations that sell at different rates. By tracking inventory levels for each variant, you can ensure that you always have the right mix of products available for your customers. Lastly, productvariants can also help boost your search engine optimization (SEO). This is because each variant creates its own unique URL which helps improve your chances of ranking higher in search results pages

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– Troubleshooting tips for product variants in Shopify

If you’re having trouble with product variants in Shopify, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. First, make sure that all of your variant options (such as size or color) are set up correctly in the admin section of your store. Next, check to see if there are any conflicts between the variants you’ve created and any other apps or themes you’re using. Finally, try resetting the Variant Manager tool and refreshing your page to see if that fixes the issue.

If none of these solutions work, reach out to Shopify’s support team for help. They’ll be able to take a closer look at your store and figure out what’s causing the problem with your product variants.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What are product variants?

  2. Variants are products with similarities. They are similar to one another, are built on the same design, and differ from each other in certain aspects. Customers have a variety of options when it comes to purchasing a product, including different sizes and flavors.

  3. Can I merge products on Shopify?

  4. You may own multiple products in your Shopify shop that you would like to merge into one product. This is possible by combining your products into one product in your Shopify store and giving each product a distinct SKU.

  5. Why are my variants not showing on Shopify?

  6. Re: Variants are not appearing. You are editing your home page. To edit your product pages, you’ll need to change the template that you are currently editing to your default product page template. This can be done by using the dropdown menu located at the top right of your page’s editor.

  7. How many variants can a product have Shopify?

  8. Different Shopify variants of a product offer different purchasing options. Shopify allows you to add 100 variations (for instance, different colors) to a product, as well as three custom choices (for instance, color, size and material). You can let your customers select the version they want from all the choices you offer.

  9. Can you have more than 100 variants on Shopify?

  10. Shopify limits you to 100 variations per product. To overcome this limitation, Shopify combines 10 Shopify products in one product. This allows all variants of Shopify products to be combined under one Parent Product.

  11. Can two different sellers on Shopify have the same product ID or variant ID?

  12. Each product’s variant ID and product ID are unique. However, if multiple variations exist, then the product ID can be shared. It is important to note that even if the product does not have variants it will still have both its product ID and its variant ID.

  13. What is the difference between product variants and options in Shopify?

  14. Variations can be used to identify products. For example, you might choose a size or color for an item. You can customize options products, such as engraving an order.

  15. Can you add a variant to a collection Shopify?

  16. A collection cannot include product variations.

  17. How do I get a variant title on Shopify?

  18. You can use product if you want to print variant details in the context of a page or other situations where you have an object product. products or options. Options_with_values for the name of an option category.

  19. How do I show the size of variants on collection page Shopify?

  20. You can create variants if you need to increase the size. You can create variants by going to the Product under Products in the Store Administrator. This will appear like the following. It will appear in your shop as follows once you have added the variant.

  21. How do I display the variant image when the color swatch of a variant is hovered on Shopify?

  22. It is easiest to use the main product select and then get the variant image. To target the right option, you will need JS logic.

  23. What are variants in Shopify?

  24. Variants can only be found on products that have more than one option. They are product choices with different colors, sizes, and features based on the product model. Shopify lets you add as many variants to a product as possible, and allows for three customization options that are not available on other platforms.


What are product variants? In simple terms, product variants are different types of a product that you sell in your shop. For example, if you sell T-shirts, a variant could be the size (Small, Medium, Large) or the color (Red, Blue, Green).

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Variants are important because they give your customers more options to choose from when they’re shopping in your store. And more choice typically means more sales.

If you’re selling products on Shopify, then you’ll need to set up variants for each product in your store. Luckily, it’s easy to do and we’ve got a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

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