Is WP Shopify free?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that enables you to create a website or blog from scratch, or to improve an existing website. There are two versions of WordPress: the self-hosted version (available at, and the hosted version (offered by

Shopify is a platform for businesses of all sizes to create an online store. It offers users with various features such as payment gateway integrations, unlimited products, 24/7 support, etc.

WP Shopify is a free plugin that allows you to sell your products on any WordPress site. Once installed and connected to your Shopify account, you can add products from your Shopify inventory into your posts and pages using the WP Shopify shortcode generator

What is WP Shopify?

WP Shopify is a powerful eCommerce solution for WordPress that makes it easy to sell products online. With WP Shopify, you can turn your existing WordPress site into a fully-fledged online store in just minutes. The best part about WP Shopify is that it integrates seamlessly with BigCommerce, one of the leading ecommerce platforms out there. This means that you can take advantage of all the features and benefits that BigCommerce has to offer, without having to worry about any compatibility issues. In short, if you’re looking for an easy way to add ecommerce functionality to your WordPress site, then WP Shopify is definitely worth checking out!

How does WP Shopify work?

How does WP Shopify work with BigCommerce?

WP Shopify is a WordPress plugin that allows you to sell your products from your BigCommerce store on your WordPress website. With WP Shopify, you can easily add products to your posts and pages, as well as create product collections and display them in beautiful grid or list layouts. You can also choose to use the built-in shopping cart so customers can purchase multiple items at once, or use the “Buy Now” button to take them directly to your checkout page. Plus, with our integration with Shipstation, orders placed through WP Shopify will be automatically sent to Shipstation for fulfillment!

Why use WP Shopify?

There are many reasons to use WP Shopify as your bigcommerce wordpress plugin. First, it is extremely easy to set up and use. Second, you can create an unlimited number of products and variations using WP Shopify. Finally, the pricing is very competitive compared to similar plugins on the market.

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Here are some more specific benefits of using WP Shopify as your bigcommerce wordpress plugin:

1) Easy setup & use – With WP Shopify, there’s no need to mess around with code or hire a developer. Simply install the plugin and follow our easy instructions to start selling online in minutes!

2) Create an unlimited number of products & variants – Don’t be limited by other plugins which charge per product or limit you to a certain number of variants. With WP Shopify, you can sell as many products and variations as you like!

3) Competitive pricing – At just $79USD for a single site license (or $129USD for a unlimited site license),WP Shopify offers great value for money compared to similar plugins on the market.”

What are the benefits of using WP Shopify?

What are the benefits of using WP Shopify?

When it comes to eCommerce platforms, WordPress + Shopify is a powerhouse duo. While Shopify is known for its rock-solid reliability and ease-of-use, WordPress brings with it a world of flexibility and customization potential. Put them together and you’ve got an eCommerce platform that can pretty much do it all.

One of the advantages of using WordPress as your eCommerce platform is the wealth of plugins available. There’s a plugin for just about everything, including ones that let you integrate your Shopify store with WordPress. This is where WP Shopify comes in.WPShopify lets you use all the features and functionalities of Shopify right inside your WordPress website or blog. It’s basically like having a complete Shopifyshop embedded into your site! Plus, unlike other similar plugins, WPShopify doesn’t require any coding knowledge or experience – anyone can set it up and start selling online without hassle

How much does WP Shopify cost?

How much does WP Shopify cost? The answer to this question depends on a few factors, including the size of your store and the features you need. However, in general, WP Shopify starts at $9 per month for the basic plan. This plan gives you access to all of the core features needed to run a successful online store. If you need more advanced features, such as abandoned cart recovery or gift cards, then you can upgrade to a higher-priced plan. Overall, WP Shopify is very affordable compared to other eCommerce platforms on the market.

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IsWPShopify free to use?

Yes, WP Shopify is free to use. You can download the plugin from the WordPress repository and get started right away. There are no restrictions on how you use the plugin or what features you have access to. However, keep in mind that WP Shopify is a self-hosted solution. This means that you will need to host your own WordPress site and manage your own WooCommerce installation.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Is WP Shopify free?

  2. We’re offering two beautiful, free ecommerce themes as well as Shopify to make it easy for you to set up your online shop on WordPress. You can add products directly to your blog pages and posts using these themes or our plugin.

  3. What is BigCommerce plugin?

  4. BigCommerce for WordPress, an ecommerce plugin that integrates the power of WordPress with BigCommerce’s powerful commerce engine, is a full-featured WordPress integration. It allows millions of WordPress merchants to customize and grow their websites.

  5. What is the difference between WooCommerce and WordPress?

  6. WooCommerce vs WordPress: What’s the difference? WordPress is a Content Management System. WooCommerce, an ecommerce plugin for WordPress, works well. WooCommerce transforms your WordPress site into an online shop where products can be sold.

  7. What is Ecwid WordPress?

  8. Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart includes everything needed to create an online shop on your WordPress website. It is powerful, simple-to-use, and Gutenberg-friendly. More than 1,000,000 sellers are available in over 175 countries. There are 45 languages that can be used. PayPal, Stripe, and 40 other payment options. Integrations of shipping in real-time

  9. Is BigCommerce the same as WooCommerce?

  10. BigCommerce can be used to build websites, and WooCommerce installs WordPress plugins when your site is up and running. They both offer storefront templates, and they each have their own built-in features.

  11. Which of the following is a front end that would be considered headless on BigCommerce?

  12. This is the front-end presentation layer that a customer interacts with when purchasing products. The storefront can be any type of front-end solution, including a CMS or native mobile app. BigCommerce WordPress plugin uses an existing CMS to inject a store catalog.

  13. What is meant by headless commerce?

  14. Definition of Headless Commerce: This is an approach to E-Commerce that allows businesses to be more flexible and agile to experiment and test new ideas. It does this by segregating the front and back ends of their ecommerce experience.

  15. How do I integrate with BigCommerce?

  16. To confirm integration, click Connect to BigCommerce. You will be taken to Klaviyo App Marketplace. Click here to connect your store. Before confirming, click Install. Then, click Confirm.

  17. Which is better WooCommerce or Ecwid?

  18. Ecwid Ecwid won because it is more concentrated on providing essential online shop tools that are built right into its system than the numerous extensions needed for WooCommerce. They are expensive, but Ecwid’s simplicity and powerful features won.

  19. How much does it cost to use Ecwid?

  20. There are four pricing options available for Ecwid. First, there is the Free plan. This is huge for many people. The paid plans start at $15 per monthly Venture plan and go up to $35 per months Business plan. Finally, the Unlimited plan is $99 per Month.


As the wise old saying goes, nothing in life is free. While WP Shopify may not cost anything upfront, there are plenty of hidden costs and potential dangers associated with using this platform. Users should always do their research before making a purchase online, and our website provides links to trusted reviews so that users can make informed decisions.

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