Is Etsy cheaper than Big Cartel?

When it comes to comparing Big Cartel vs Etsy, it’s important to consider the costs of each platform. While Etsy is cheaper than Big Cartel, there are some trade-offs that need to be considered.

First, let’s look at the cost of setting up a shop on each platform. It costs $0.20 per listing on Etsy, and there is no monthly fee. On Big Cartel, there is a monthly fee ranging from $9.99-$29.99 depending on the plan you choose. There is also a transaction fee of 3% for every sale made on Big Cartel (there are no transaction fees for sales made through PayPal).

So if you’re looking to set up an online shop with low upfront costs, then Etsy would be the better choice. However, if you’re looking for a more robust eCommerce platform with features like discounts and productvariations , then Big cartel might be worth the investment .

Etsy vs Big Cartel: Which is Cheaper?

When it comes to comparing Etsy vs Big Cartel, the main difference is price. Etsy is a bit more expensive than Big Cartel, but there are some reasons for this. For one thing, Etsy offers more features and tools than Big Cartel. This includes things like advanced listing options, built-in marketing tools, and a larger audience.

Etsy also has lower fees for selling items. You’ll pay 3% of the sale price on each item you sell, while with Big Cartel you’ll pay 5% (there is a discounted rate available if you use their paid plans). So if you plan on selling a lot of items, Etsy will be cheaper in the long run.

Finally, it’s important to consider thatBigCartelis geared towards sellers who are just starting out or have low volume sales. If you plan on growing your business and increasing your sales volume over time, then Etsy might be a better option since they don’t have any upper limits likeBigCartel does

Etsy vs Big Cartel: A Comparison of Prices

When it comes to comparing ecommerce platforms, two of the most popular options are Big Cartel and Etsy. Both platforms offer a variety of features and tools to help you create an online store, but they differ in terms of pricing. So, which one is right for you?

Big Cartel offers three different pricing plans: the Basic plan starts at $9.99 per month, the Plus plan starts at $19.99 per month, and the Pro plan starts at $29.99 per month. All three plans allow you to create a unlimited number of products and sell them online. However, the main difference between the plans is in terms of transaction fees: with the Basic plan, you’ll pay a 3% fee on all sales; with the Plus plan, there’s no transaction fee; and with the Pro plan, you’ll only pay a 1% transaction fee (plus 30 cents per order).

Etsy also has three different pricing plans: Seller Starter costs 20 cents per listing plus a 3.5% transaction fee; Etsy Standard costs 40 cents per listing plus a 3% transaction feat; Etsy Premium costs 80 cents per listing plus 2.5% percent transaction fee After your first four listings , each additional listing is free . If someone purchases more than one item from your shop within 10 days , each subsequent purchase will have reduced shipping fees .

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So which platform is cheaper? It depends on how many products you’re selling and what kind of margins you’re working with. If you’re selling high-ticket items with slim margins, thenBig Cartel might be the better option since there’s noTransactionfees on sales made through theirPlusplanThe downside to Big cartel could be their higher monthly rates comparedtoEts

How do the Prices Compare Between Etsy and Big Cartel?

Etsy and Big Cartel are both popular ecommerce platforms, but how do their prices compare?

Big Cartel has a fairly simple pricing structure. Their basic plan starts at $9.99 per month, and allows you to list up to 5 products for sale. If you need to list more than 5 products, their next tier up is the Pro plan, which costs $19.99 per month and lets you sell an unlimited number of items. Lastly, they have an Enterprise plan that’s tailored specifically for large businesses selling high volumes of product; this one is priced on a case-by-case basis.

In contrast, Etsy’s pricing is a bit more complex. They charge listing fees as well as transaction fees; the former is 20 cents per item regardless of whether it ultimately sells or not, while the latter is 3.5% of the total sale price (including shipping). So if you’re selling lower-priced items, Etsy could end up being cheaper overall; but if you’re selling pricier goods, Big Cartel might be the better option price-wise.

What’s the Difference in Cost Between Etsy and Big Cartel?

When it comes to costs, there are a few key differences between Etsy and Big Cartel. For one, Etsy charges a listing fee of 20 cents per item, while Big Cartel does not charge any listing fees. Additionally, Etsy takes a 3.5% cut of each sale made on their platform, while Big Cartel only charges a 5% commission on sales. Finally, Etsy has a payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, while Big Cartel’s payment processing fee is just 2.7%.

So which platform is cheaper for selling products? Overall, it depends on the type of product being sold and the volume of sales made. If you’re selling low-cost items in large quantities, then Big Cartel will likely be the cheaper option due to its lower commission rate and lack of listing fees. However, if you’re selling higher-priced items in smaller quantities, then Etsy may be the better option thanks to its lower transaction fees.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell on Etsy Versus Big Cartel?

1. When it comes to ecommerce platforms, there are many options to choose from. Two of the most popular platforms are Etsy and Big Cartel. But which one is right for you?

2. It really depends on a number of factors, including the type of products you sell, your budget, and how much control you want over the design and functionality of your online store.

3. To help you make a decision, we’ve put together a side-by-side comparison of Etsy and Big Cartel, looking at key features like costs, payment processing fees, product management capabilities, and more.

A Comprehensive Overview of the Differences in Pricing for Etsy and BitCartel

Etsy and BitCartel are both popular ecommerce platforms that offer businesses a way to sell their products online. Both platforms have different pricing structures, with Etsy charging sellers a per-transaction fee and BitCartel charging a monthly subscription fee. In this blog post, we’ll take a comprehensive look at the differences in pricing between these two platforms.

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Etsy’s transaction fees are based on the total sale price of an item, including shipping costs. For example, if you sell an item for $10 that ships for $5, your total sale price would be $15. Etsy charges 3% of this total sale price as a transaction fee. So in our example, you would pay Etsy $0.45 in transaction fees ($15 x 0.03).

BitCartel’s monthly subscription fees start at $9/month for the Basic plan and go up to $49/month for the Premium plan. With the Basic plan, you get unlimited product listings and can accept credit card payments (via Stripe). With the Premium plan, you also get access to advanced features like real-time shipping quotes and abandoned cart recovery emails

Which One Will Save You More Money-Etsy orBigCartel

When it comes to ecommerce, there are a lot of options out there. Two popular choices are Etsy and BigCartel. But which one is better for your business? Which one will save you more money?

Etsy is great for businesses that sell handmade or vintage items. It’s also good for businesses that want to sell on a platform that already has a lot of traffic. However, Etsy does charge listing fees and transaction fees. So, if you’re selling a lot of products, those fees can add up quickly. BigCartel, on the other hand, doesn’t charge any listing fees or transaction fees. So, if you plan on selling a lot of products, BigCartel might be the better choice for you financially.

Of course, there are other factors to consider when choosing an ecommerce platform (such as ease of use and features), but if saving money is your top priority, thenBigCartel is probably the way to go.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How safe is Big Cartel?

  2. Yes! Yes! One exception is that we won’t enforce SSL if you shop owns any unencrypted assets (except checkout, which is covered by SSL).

  3. Can you dropship on Big Cartel?

  4. Big Cartel has two dropshipping options: Printful or The Art of Where. These services allow you to upload your artwork and have it printed on products you sell. The companies responsible for manufacturing and shipping the product will handle all of this.

  5. Can you make money with Big Cartel?

  6. You can earn money selling Big Cartel products. Big Cartel doesn’t charge you any fees to allow you to sell products. You only have pay Big Cartel if one of its paid plans is chosen. If you sell products, transaction fees are charged to Stripe and PayPal.

  7. Is Etsy cheaper than Big Cartel?

  8. You should also consider that Etsy Plus costs only $10 per month. This plan gives you greater customization and control of your shop, which can add up to a significant fee. The winner: Etsy costs less than Big Cartel for smaller stores, but Big Cartel is more cost-effective for large sales volumes.

  9. Is Big Cartel good for small business?

  10. Big Cartel was designed for small business owners and artists who need only basic functions and a limited number of products. Big Cartel can be used to build a website, although it doesn’t have much flexibility.

  11. Can I change my domain name with Big Cartel?

  12. Your domain is entered into Big Cartel. Go to Account > Edit shop information > Add custom domain. Click Add domain in Big Cartel administrator. Click Save to save your custom domain.

  13. Can I link Printful to Big Cartel?

  14. Go to Stores in your Printful dashboard and choose your Big Cartel shop. Once you click Add Product, your product will be saved and uploaded to Big Cartel.

  15. Can I switch from Shopify to Big Cartel?

  16. Are you thinking of moving to Big Cartel via Squarespace, Etsy or Shopify? Our product import function will make it easy. To get your shop up and running quickly, you can export products from any existing Big Cartel store and then import them to your Big Cartel shop.

  17. How does Big Cartel pay out?

  18. Management of Orders Big Cartel does not actually manage the payment. Refunds are issued through Stripe and PayPal depending on the checkout method used when the order was placed.

  19. Does Big Cartel take a percentage of sales?

  20. Big Cartel doesn’t charge transaction fees. You will only be charged the processor’s fees. Online payments can be made with Stripe at 2.9% and 30 cents each.

  21. What is Big Cartel used for?

  22. Big Cartel, a web-based platform for e-commerce that is targeted at independent artists and retailers, offers a wide range of products. Big Cartel allows you to create an online shop, offer products, and accept payments.

  23. Who owns Big Cartel?

  24. We try to be about artists, says CEO Matt Wigham, 38, who cofounded the firm with friend-turned-business partner Eric Turner, 43.

  25. Can I link my big cartel to Wix?

  26. Big Cartel to WIX migration. LitExtension offers Big Cartel migration to WIX. This allows you to move your data, including customers and orders as well as blogs. This process is completed securely and precisely, so it can be done automatically.

  27. Can Big Cartel do dropshipping?

  28. Big Cartel has two dropshipping options: Printful or The Art of Where. These services allow you to upload your artwork and have it printed on products you sell. The companies responsible for manufacturing and shipping the product will handle all of this.

  29. Does Big Cartel collect sales tax?

  30. Big Cartel calculates the applicable sales tax based on the state laws and collects it on any U.S. orders. We then send the collected tax to the relevant taxing authority. To automatically calculate and send sales tax to your shop, we have integrated TaxJar.


The bottom line is that it really depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a simple, cheap option to get started with, then Big Cartel might be the way to go. But if you’re looking for something a little more robust and customizable, Etsy could be the better choice.

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Of course, this is just a general overview of the two platforms – there are pros and cons to each that we haven’t even touched on here. So before making any decisions, be sure to do your research and see which platform will best fit your needs.

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