How do I call a template in Shopify?

When you create a new Shopify store, you can choose from a number of different themes, or templates. Once you’ve selected a theme, it can be customized to better suit your brand and products. But what if you want to change your template? Or what if you want to use a different template for each page on your store? In this blog post, we’ll show you how to call a template in Shopify.

If you’re using the defaultShopify theme, then there are only two templates that can be called: ‘product’ and ‘collection’. To call either of these templates, simply use their respective handle as follows:

For example, let’s say that we have a product with the handle ‘my-awesome-product’. We would call its template like so:

How to select the perfect Shopify template for your online store

There are a few things to consider when selecting the perfect Shopify template for your online store. The first is the overall look and feel of the template. You want to make sure it matches the branding of your store, and that it provides a good user experience. Another important consideration is how easy it is to customize the template. You’ll want to be able to change colors, fonts, and other elements to match your brand identity. Finally, you’ll want to consider whether the template includes all the features you need for your store, such as product filters or reviews.

When narrowing down your choices for shopify templates, keep these three factors in mind: overall look and feel, ease of customization, and included features. By taking into account each of these considerations, you can find atemplate that will be perfect for your online store

How to change your Shopify template

There are a few things to consider before changing your Shopify template. The first is what you want to change and the second is whether or not you are comfortable making those changes yourself.

If it is something small, like adding an image or removing some text, then you can probably make the changes yourself without too much trouble. However, if you want to completely change the layout of your shop, or add functions that aren’t already built into Shopify, then you will need to hire a developer.

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The cost of hiring a developer will vary depending on how complex the project is, but it is worth shopping around and getting multiple quotes before making a decision. You can also look for pre-made themes on sites like that can be customized to fit your needs.

What are the most popular Shopify templates?

When it comes to Shopify templates, there are a few that stand out above the rest. The most popular template tends to be the Simple theme. This theme is perfect for those who want a clean and minimalist look for their online store. Another popular option is the Shopping Cart Theme, which is great for stores that sell a lot of products. Finally, the Brooklyn theme is perfect for stores that want to add a bit of personality to their website.

How to customizeShopify templates

When it comes to setting up an online store, one of the first things you need to do is choose a template. Shopify has a wide range of templates available, but sometimes you want something that’s a little bit more personalized. Fortunately, it’s easy to customize Shopify templates to make your store stand out from the crowd.

In this post, we’ll show you how to customize Shopify templates in three simple steps. First, we’ll walk you through finding the right template for your store. Then, we’ll show you how to edit the HTML and CSS code for your template. Finally, we’ll give you some tips on troubleshooting common problems.

Tips for creating an amazing Shopify template

When it comes to creating a Shopify template, there are a few things you can do to make sure your template is amazing. First, pay attention to the overall design and layout of your shop. Make sure it is easy to navigate and that all the important information is easy to find. Second, choose high-quality images that represent your brand well. And lastly, create custom pages for key areas of your store such as the About page or the Contact page. By following these tips, you will be well on your way to creating an amazing Shopify template!

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How frequently should you update your Shopify template

Your Shopify template is the face of your online store, so you want to make sure it’s always up-to-date and looking its best. But how often should you update your Shopify template?

The answer depends on a few factors, such as the type of template you have and how often you add new products or make changes to your site. If you have a simple template with just a few products, you might not need to update it very often. However, if you have a complex template with many products and frequent changes, then you’ll need to update it more frequently.

In general, we recommend that you update your Shopify template at least once every two weeks. This will ensure that your template is always up-to-date and looking its best.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How do I call a template in Shopify?

  2. Shopify Admin allows you to edit your About page by going to Online Store > Pages. Use the dropdown menu to choose your template from the Template section.

  3. How much does a Shopify template cost?

  4. Shopify templates are available for purchase from the Marketplace starting at $0 and going up to $150. The one-time payment is the amount you pay. You have hundreds of options for templates. Many are optimized with conversion strategies and ready to serve as the foundation of your online business.

  5. How do I get more templates on Shopify?

  6. Go to Products > Collections from your Shopify admin. You can either search for the collection you wish to modify or use the dropdown menu to select the collection from the existing collection list. Use the dropdown menu in the Online shop section to choose a theme template that will be applied to your selected collection.

  7. How do I add sections in Shopify template?

  8. The new section tag allows you to include one section within a template. The new section tag acts like an include tag for short snippets. % section header % will contain the section at sections/header. liquid Take a closer look at the updated documentation for our theme editor to learn more about sections.

  9. Are Shopify templates free?

  10. Shopify currently offers 8 free templates for eCommerce. You can see them on the theme website.

  11. How many themes does Shopify offer?

  12. Shopify templates and themes available in over 1500 languages. Browse items made by members of our international community of developers and designers. We guarantee that they have been thoroughly reviewed. Shopify themes are a great choice if you want something simple to setup and allow you to start selling online right away.

  13. Can I download Shopify themes?

  14. If you wish to modify the theme, you can download it to your computer. Make a backup copy of the theme. If you have reached 20 themes, save the theme to be used later.

  15. How many Shopify templates are there?

  16. Shopify offers more than 280 themes. We’ll be focusing on five of them here.

  17. How much does it take to build a Shopify store?

  18. Although you might be able find a new agency that can design your Shopify store at $500-$2,000 less than others, the reality is you only get what you pay. Shopify’s most established agencies will charge between $5,000 and $20,000 to design a Shopify site.

  19. Can you have two home pages on Shopify?

  20. Yes, you can. Multiple Shopify Stores can be created using the same Shopify account.

  21. What is a Shopify page?

  22. Shopify Pages are pages that display the contents of your Shopify store and allow visitors to navigate through your shopfront.

  23. What are Shopify Metafields?

  24. You can customize your Shopify store’s functionality by using Metafields. This allows you to save specific information which isn’t normally captured in Shopify admin. Metafields can be used to track your internal data or display specific information in an online shop.


In conclusion, calling a template in Shopify is easy and can be done by following the instructions in this blog post. Just remember to use the keyword “shopify templates” when you are searching for your desired template. By doing so, you will be able to easily find and call the template that you need.

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