Does Squarespace have product reviews?

If you’re considering using Squarespace to build an ecommerce website, you may be wondering if the platform supports product reviews. The answer is yes! You can easily enable product reviews on your Squarespace site. In this post, we’ll show you how to do it.

How to Use Reviews on Your Squarespace Store

If you’re running an online store, then customer reviews can be a valuable asset. They provide social proof that helps reassure potential buyers, and can help improve your search engine ranking. Fortunately, Squarespace makes it easy to enable reviews on your products.

In this post, we’ll show you how to set up product reviews on your Squarespace store. We’ll also share some tips on getting the most out of customer feedback. By the end of this article, you should have all the tools you need to start leveraging reviews to drive sales and grow your business.

The Benefits of Enabling Reviews on Your Squarespace Store

As an online retailer, it’s important to make sure your customers are happy with their purchase. One way to do this is by enabling reviews on your Squarespace store.

Customer reviews can help new visitors feel more confident about buying from you, and they can also give you valuable feedback about your products and services. In addition, displaying customer reviews can help improve your search engine optimization (SEO).

If you’re not sure how to enable reviews on your Squarespace store, don’t worry – we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of customer reviews for your business!

Why You Should Enable Product Reviews on Your Squarespace Store

If you’re running an online store, then product reviews can be a valuable asset. They help build social proof and can increase conversion rates. And if you’re using Squarespace for your eCommerce platform, then it’s easy to enable product reviews.

In this post, we’ll discuss why you should enable product reviews on your Squarespace store and how to do it.

Product reviews can be beneficial for a number of reasons:

They act as social proof – If potential customers see that other people have bought and enjoyed products from your store, they’re more likely to make a purchase themselves.

they improve conversions – A study by Reevoo found that stores with customer review functionality saw a 10% uplift in conversion rates.

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they provide valuable feedback – By reading through customer reviews, you can get insights into what people like (and don’t like) about your products. This feedback can help guide future product development decisions.”

How to Get More Product Reviews for Your Squarespace Store

If you’re running an online store, product reviews can be incredibly valuable. Not only do they provide social proof that can help boost sales, but they can also give you valuable insights into what your customers think of your products.

Unfortunately, getting customers to actually leave reviews isn’t always easy. In this post, we’ll share some tips on how to get more product reviews for your Squarespace store.

1. Make it easy for customers to leave reviews.

The first step is to make it as easy as possible for customers to leave reviews. If they have to jump through hoops or remember a special URL, chances are they won’t bother leaving a review at all.

Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to make it easier for customers:

Add a link to your review page in the order confirmation email (Squarespace’s Order Confirmation Email app makes this super easy).

Display customer testimonials and product ratings on your product pages (again, the Testimonials & Ratings app makes this super simple).

2 . Use plugins or apps that sync with popular review sites . There are plenty of great plugins and apps out there that will automatically pull in customer reviews from popular sites like Google and Yelp . This is a great way to get more exposure for your positive customer feedback without having t o rely solely on people visiting y our website . It’s important t o note tha t if negative comments start appearing , you’ll want t o take action immediately as those could impact prospective buyers’ decision-making process es just as much as positive ones . To learn more about using these types of tools , check out our post on How To Use Customer Reviews i n Your Marketing Strategy [

What to Do With Negative Product Reviews on Your Squarespace Store

If you’re running an ecommerce store on Squarespace, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually get a negative product review. While it’s never fun to receive criticism, there are some things you can do to turn a negative review into a positive opportunity.

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First of all, don’t panic! A single negative review is not going to sink your business. In fact, research has shown that consumers actually view businesses with a few negative reviews more favorably than those with no reviews at all. This is because they see businesses with negative reviews as being more transparent and trustworthy.

So what should you do when you receive a negative product review? First and foremost, take the time to respond publicly to the reviewer. Thank them for their feedback and let them know that you’re taking their comments seriously. Then, offer a solution or refund if appropriate. Finally, invite the customer to contact you directly so that you can address their concerns privately.

By following these steps, you can turn a potentially damaging situation into an opportunity to build trust with your customers

How Often Should You Check and Respond to Product Reviews on Your Squarespace Sto 7re?

It’s no secret that online reviews can make or break a business. Just one negative review can cost you customers, while a handful of positive ones can help you attract new business. But how often should you be checking and responding to product reviews on your Squarespace store?

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to monitoring your reviews. First, consider the importance of timing. Responding too quickly to a negative review might come across as insincere, while responding too slowly could show that you don’t care about your customers’ feedback. Secondly, think about the tone of your responses. You want to strike the right balance between being professional and friendly without sounding robotic or fake.

As for how often you should be checking for new reviews, there’s no hard and fast rule. A good general guideline is to check at least once a week, but more frequently if possible. This will ensure that you’re not missing any important feedback from customers and that any negative reviews are addressed promptly.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Does Squarespace have product reviews?

  2. Squarespace sites are now automatically able to accept customer reviews by activating the product review function. Here are some guidelines for customers to review Squarespace products and services. Time limit: Squarespace users have 120 days to submit reviews.

  3. Why can’t people write Reviews on my Facebook page?

  4. Step 1: Sign in to Facebook. Step 2: Select the Settings tab. Step 3: Click on the Settings tab. Step 4: Open Templates and Tabs. Step 5: Allow Reviews to be displayed through the slider.

  5. Can people leave reviews on my Squarespace site?

  6. You can review physical and digital products as well as service items. Gift cards are not eligible for reviews.

  7. Does squarespace sync with Etsy?

  8. You can import Etsy reviews and products after you have created your Squarespace online shop. Squarespace allows you to import Etsy reviews in order to build trust among shoppers.

  9. Does squarespace have Facebook integration?

  10. Squarespace + Facebook Page Integrations Zapier allows you to send information between Squarespace & Facebook Pages automatically. No code is required When a form is submitted, triggers.

  11. Why is Squarespace good?

  12. Squarespace is an excellent website builder that offers many great features. We also love the templates they offer. Squarespace is a powerful website builder with ecommerce tools and strong design features. Its overall quality shows in the incredibly high score.

  13. Why can’t I see Reviews on my Facebook business page?

  14. You can search your Page’s recommendations to find reviews. You may not be able to find the review or recommendation you are looking for. It might have been deleted because it did not comply with our Community Standards.

  15. Can I link Squarespace to Instagram?

  16. Connect Your Squarespace and Instagram Accounts Click settings in your Squarespace menu. After you have clicked on settings, go to Connected Accounts. Next, click on Connect Account. Next, click Connect Account.

  17. Why Google reviews are not showing up?

  18. Find out why your review isn’t showing up. In many cases missing reviews are removed because of policy violations such as spam and inappropriate content. Reviews that have been removed due to policy violations will not be restored. This is to ensure that Google reviews are trustworthy, relevant and helpful.


If you’re thinking about using Squarespace to create an online store, you might be wondering if it has product reviews. The short answer is: no, it does not. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find trusted links and reviews on our website.

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We encourage you to do your research before purchasing anything online, and hope that our site can provide some helpful information for you. Thank you for stopping by!

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