Does Shopify work in Turkey?

When it comes to ecommerce platforms, two of the most popular options are Shopify and Wix. But which one is the best option for businesses in Turkey?

Shopify is a great option for businesses that are looking for an easy-to-use platform with plenty of features. However, it’s important to note that Shopify does not currently support Turkish currency. This means that businesses using Shopify in Turkey will need to use a third-party payment processor such as PayPal or Stripe.

Wix, on the other hand, does support Turkish currency. So if you’re doing business exclusively in Turkey, then Wix may be a better choice. However, Wix doesn’t have quite as many features as Shopify (though they are adding more all the time). And like Shopify, Wix also requires you to use a third-party payment processor if you want to accept credit cards.

Does Shopify Work in Turkey?

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms available, and for good reason. It’s user-friendly, offers a wide range of features, and is highly customizable. But what about using Shopify in Turkey? Does it work well in this country?

The short answer is yes – Shopify definitely works in Turkey. This platform has been used by Turkish businesses of all sizes to build successful online stores. In fact, there are already many established Shopify stores operating in Turkey.

If you’re thinking about starting an online store for your business in Turkey, then Shopify should be at the top of your list as a possible platform to use. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how well Shopify works in Turkey and some of the benefits that come with using this platform for your business here.

So overall, if you’re looking to start an online store – whether big or small – then Shopfiy should ideally be your go-to eCommerce solution provider given its’ popularity globally as well as its ease-of-use interface which makes creating an aesthetically pleasing website quite simple even if you lack design experience!

How to Sell on Shopify in Turkey

If you’re looking to sell online in Turkey, Shopify is a great platform to use. In this article, we’ll show you how to set up your Shopify store for selling in Turkey.

First, you’ll need to create a Turkish account on Shopify. To do this, go to your Shopify admin and click “Add Language.” Then select Turkish from the drop-down menu and click “Save.”

Next, you’ll need to add some payment methods that are popular in Turkey. For example, most Turks prefer to pay by bank transfer or credit card. You can add these payment methods by going to your Shopify settings and clicking “Payment Providers.”

Finally, you should consider adding some local content to your store such as blog posts or product descriptions written in Turkish. This will help improve your store’s visibility in search engines like GoogleTurkey.

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Hopefully this article has given you some insights on how to sell online in Turkey using Shopify!

Creating a Shopify Store for Turkish Customers

As more and more businesses expand their reach to international markets, it’s important to have an eCommerce platform that can cater to customers all over the world. Shopify is a great option for businesses looking to sell online in Turkey, as it offers support for multiple languages and currencies.

Creating a shop on Shopify is simple and straightforward, even if you’re not familiar with web design or coding. With Shopify’s user-friendly interface, you can create a professional-looking store without any hassle. Plus, there are plenty of integrations available that can help you run your business smoothly.

If you’re selling products or services that Turkish customers would be interested in, then creating a Shopify store is a great way to reach them online. By following these simple steps, you can get started selling in Turkey today!

Setting up Shipping Methods for Shopify Stores in Turkey

When it comes to setting up shipping methods for Shopify stores, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to select the right carrier and then set up your shipping methods. Keep in mind that different countries have different regulations when it comes to shipping, so be sure to research the specific requirements for Turkey before getting started.

Once you’ve selected the right carrier and set up your shipping methods, the next step is to determine your pricing strategy. There are a few options available, but ultimately you’ll want to consider what will work best for your business and customers. You can base your prices on weight, distance or even offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. Experiment with different pricing strategies until you find one that works well for your store.

Finally, don’t forget to update your shop’s copyright information and terms of service once you’ve launched your ecommerce site in Turkey! This is important legal stuff that will help protect both you and your customers from potential problems down the road . By taking care of these final details , you can be confident that everything is ready to go before opening up shop online in Turkey .

shopify themes turkey, language and payment methods- getting the right mix!

1. Shopify themes turkey- getting the right mix!

When it comes to setting up an online store, one of the most important things to consider is the theme you use. It’s important to choose a theme that is visually appealing and easy to navigate, but also provides all the features and functionality you need for your particular business. If you’re selling products from Turkey, for example, you’ll want a theme that includes language and currency support for Turkish customers. You’ll also want to make sure that your chosen payment gateway is supported by Shopify. With so many options out there, it can be tricky to know where to start. But with a little research and some help from our experts at Wix Ecommerce Colombia, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect Shopify theme for your business needs!

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2. Language and payment methods- getting the right mix!

Another important thing to consider when setting up an online store is which languages and payment methods you’ll support. For businesses targeting customers in Turkey, it’s essential to have language and currency support for Turkish users. You should also make sure that your chosen payment gateway is compatible with Shopify before making any final decisions. With so many different options available, choosing the right combination of languages and payment methods can be tough – but our team at Wix Ecommerce Colombia can help guide you through the process every step of the way!

3.,Making sure your shop reflects local customs

Any good eCommerce site should take into account local customs processing feesand other potential obstacles .For instance shoppers in Brazil are used topaying high taxes on imported items ,so if they found anAmerican site advertising cheap pricesbut then were faced with paying50 % more in taxes& shippingthey’

Why choose Shopify over other ecommerce platforms when expanding to Turkey?

When expanding your ecommerce business to Turkey, you may be wondering which platform is best for you. There are many options out there, but Shopify is a great choice for businesses looking to expand into this market. Here are three reasons why:

1) Shopify offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that makes it easy to set up and manage your online store. You’ll have everything you need to get started, including templates, themes, payment processing, shipping, and more.

2)Shopify is trusted by some of the world’s leading brands – so you know it’s reliable and can handle high volumes of traffic and sales. Plus, with 24/7 support available in Turkish language (as well as English), you can always get help when you need it.

3)Turkey has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world – so now is the perfect time to tap into this market! With Shopify by your side, expanding into Turkey will be easy and seamless.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Does Shopify work in Turkey?

  2. Shopify partners with top international payment companies to help you in your business. Customers can use their preferred payment method to pay for their purchases in local currencies.

  3. What countries is Wix available in?

  4. Austria, Belgium and Canada; Finland, Germany; Ireland; Italy; Lithuania; Netherlands; Portugal; Spain; Switzerland; United Kingdom; United States; Wix Payments; Adyen. Stripe. Brazil: Wix Payments; Pagarme.

  5. Can you use Wix internationally?

  6. Wix can be used internationally. Wix is available in all countries. Wix has users across over 190 nations.

  7. Does Wix work in Mexico?

  8. In 2022 Q2, Wix Mexico stores increased by 8.5% quarter over quarter In 2022 Q2, Wix Mexico stores increased by 172% year over year

  9. Does Wix work in Europe?

  10. Wix must collect VAT from users who are established within the European Union, according to EU VAT Directives Articles 358a through 369 Directive 2006/112/EC Wix has an EU VAT ID: EU442008451.

  11. Does Wix work in Turkey?

  12. Wix does not support PayU Turkey connection as a payment provider. Both existing and new PayU account holders will be affected by this change. PayU merged in Turkey with iyzico. You can reach iyzico for more information about Wix integration.

  13. Can I host my website in another country?

  14. You can have your website hosted in any country, which is a good thing. No laws are currently in place that prohibit citizens from hosting their websites in other countries.

  15. Is Turkey blocking VPN?

  16. Although VPNs can be used in Turkey legally, they are not allowed to be used. Since 2016, the Turkish government has been restricting VPN usage. They claim that this is necessary in order to safeguard national security as well as to “fight terrorist”. Along with the Tor Network, 10 VPN providers were also blocked in Turkey.

  17. Can you use Wix in Europe?

  18. Europe. You can accept payments from Europe through Wix Payments or any of our partners.

  19. Is Wix blocked in China?

  20. Wix sites don’t work in China*. Wix websites in China face the primary problem of not loading critical components from their assets domains. Many of these WIX domains in China are not allowed to provide ‘normal’ resources such as images and videos.

  21. How much money does Wix take per sale?

  22. USA: 2.9% + 0.30 USD Canada: 2.9% + 0.30 USD

  23. Can I use Google domain in another country?

  24. Google Domains can only be purchased if you have a billing address in a country that is supported.

  25. How do I change my Wix country?

  26. You can change the region settings of your website’s language and geography settings by going to Language and Region Settings in your dashboard. You can edit any settings below: Site Language: Choose the default language to use for emails and site notifications. To set the format of dates, numbers and measurements on your website, select a region.


Whether or not Shopify works in Turkey is still up for debate. However, we would strongly encourage users to do their research before purchasing online, especially when it comes to trusting links and reviews. Our website provides trusted information on ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Wix, so be sure to check us out before making your final decision!

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