Does GoDaddy take a percentage of sales?

Yes, GoDaddy does take a percentage of sales for shopify domain names. However, the percentage is minimal and is typically only around 15%. This means that for every $100 worth of domains sold, GoDaddy would only keep $15.

The main reason why people use GoDaddy to purchase their shopify domain names is because they are a reputable company with great customer service. Additionally, using GoDaddy can be significantly cheaper than purchasing your domains through shopify itself.

How to Sell a Domain on GoDaddy

Assuming you would like tips on how to sell a domain on GoDaddy:

1. Research the value of your domain- Before listing your domain for sale, it is important to have an understanding of how much it is worth. There are many ways to estimate the value of a domain name. Sites like Estibot and GoDaddy’s Domain Appraisals can give you an idea of what your domain might sell for.

2. Set a reasonable price- Once you have an estimated value for your domain, you need to set a price that is both reasonable and attractive to buyers. In most cases, domains are sold for anywhere between 10-30% of their estimated value.

3. List your domain in the Aftermarket section on GoDaddy- The next step is to list yourdomain in the Aftermarket section on GoDaddy Auctions® . This will make it visible to millions of potential buyers who visit GoDaddy each day looking for new domains.

What’s the Process for Selling a Domain on GoDaddy?

When you sell a domain on GoDaddy, the process is quite simple. You just need to set up an account and list your domain for sale. Once someone makes an offer on your domain, you can accept or reject it. If you accept it, the buyer will be redirected to a page where they can pay for the domain. Once the payment is processed, the ownership of the domain will be transferred to the buyer.

Can I Make Money By Selling My Domain on GoDaddy?

Assuming you are talking about making money by selling your domain name on GoDaddy auctions/marketplace:

It is possible to make money by selling your domain on GoDaddy. However, there is no guarantee that you will make a profit, as it depends on factors such as the popularity of the domain and how much other people are willing to pay for it. If you do sell your domain, you will likely receive less than the appraised value from GoDaddy.

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The best way to maximize your chances of making a profit is to choose a domain name that is popular or in demand (such as a .com or .net domains), and then list it at a starting price that is lower than its appraised value. You can also try to negotiate with buyers directly through GoDaddy’s Aftermarket Platform.

What is the Difference Between Auctioning and Selling My Domain on GoDaddy?

There are a few key differences between auctioning and selling your domain on GoDaddy. First, when you auction your domain on GoDaddy, you set a Reserve Price – meaning that you only sell the domain if it reaches that price. If it does not reach your reserve price, the domain is not sold. On the other hand, when you list your domain for sale on GoDaddy, there is no reserve price; as long as someone is willing to pay your asking price, the domain will be sold. Second, with an auction you have more control over who buys your domain; with a sale anyone can buy it as long as they’re willing to pay your asking price. Finally, auctions typically result in higher prices than sales; however, this isn’t always the case (especially if there are many bidders interested in the samedomain).

So which option is better? It really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want to ensure that your domain sells for at least a certain amount of money, then setting a Reserve Price and auctioning off your domain is probably the way to go. However, if you’re simply looking to sell yourdomain quickly and don’t mind who buys it or how much they pay for it, then listing it for sale might be the better option.

How Much Does GoDaddy Charge to Sell My Domain?

When someone is looking to sell their domain, they may wonder how much GoDaddy charges to do so. The answer depends on a few factors, such as the age and popularity of the domain, as well as whether or not it is a “.com” domain. Generally speaking, however, GoDaddy’s commission structure is pretty straightforward. They will charge you an upfront fee of $15 for domains that are less than one year old, and $20 for domains that are one year or older. Additionally, they will take a cut of 10% of the final sale price when you successfully sell your domain through their platform. So if you’re looking to offload an older, more popular domain name, you can expect to pay around $200 in total fees to GoDaddy.

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Tips for Successfully Selling Your Domain on Go Daddy

When you’re ready to sell your domain, there are a few things you can do to help ensure a successful transaction. Here are some tips for selling your domain on Go Daddy:

1. Make sure your contact information is up to date.

It’s important that potential buyers can easily get in touch with you when they’re interested in purchasing your domain. Be sure to update your contact information in the “Seller Profile” section of your Go Daddy account.

2. Use a catchy headline and description.

Your domain listing should include a descriptive headline and an accurate, keyword-rich description of your domain name. This will help potential buyers understand what your domain is about and why it would be valuable to them.

Pricing your domain too high could dissuade potential buyers from making an offer, but pricing it too low could leave money on the table. When determining how much to charge for yourdomain name, consider its value as both an investment and as part of an existing business or venture

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is a Shopify domain?

  2. Domains are the web address or URL where customers can find you online. Your online shop was automatically given an myshopify URL. When you registered for Shopify, your URL was

  3. Can I use my domain for Shopify?

  4. You can transfer your custom domain to Shopify if you have one. You can transfer the domain to Shopify without having to pay any additional fees.

  5. Is Shopify a hosting site?

  6. It’s all here for you. What’s the deal? Shopify can be referred to as an e-commerce platform that is fully hosted. This means every brand is stored on Shopify’s servers.

  7. Does Shopify report to IRS?

  8. Is Shopify required to report to the IRS Shopify does report to the IRS. Shopify will send you a 1099-K as a seller.

  9. How do I permanently buy a domain name?

  10. A domain name can be purchased by anyone. You can buy a domain by visiting a domain registration site such as A2, Google Domains or Namecheap. Once you have entered the desired domain, pay a fee.

  11. How does Shopify get paid?

  12. Shopify earns money through subscriptions, transactions, payments, referral fees, hardware, software sales, advertising, from its app marketplace and commissions from selling themes, facilitating other websites sales, email marketing and logistics services.

  13. What is a third party domain?

  14. A Third Party Domain is a Parked Domain that has been registered by another party and which Company has entered into an agreement to allow Company to provide and maintain Services for that Parked Domain. (b) The third party administers and controls the DNS servers to which Parked Domain points. (c)

  15. Are Google domains free?

  16. For $0., you can create a website using your domain. You don’t need any coding knowledge. Add text to your website and then drag and drop photos and videos. With zero code, your website will work seamlessly on mobile and desktop.

  17. Does GoDaddy take a percentage of sales?

  18. GoDaddy doesn’t have any transaction fees. You will pay 2.3% plus $0.30 for each credit card transaction.

  19. Why do I need a domain?

  20. It is not necessary to have a domain name in order for your website to be visible online. A domain is not necessary to establish a web presence. However, it gives you complete control of your online identity.


GoDaddy does not take a percentage of sales for shopify domain names. However, they may charge an annual fee for the use of their services.

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