Can I sell on Shopify for free?

Yes! Shopify Lite is our entry-level plan that costs $9/month, and it doesn’t have transaction fees. You can use Shopify Lite to: Sell on Facebook and Instagram

“Can I sell on Shopify for free?”

If you’re starting a business on a tight budget, you might be wondering if you can sell on Shopify for free. The short answer is yes – with Shopify Lite.

Shopify Lite is our entry-level plan that starts at just $9 per month. It’s perfect for businesses who are selling products in person, as it includes all the features you need to start taking orders and processing payments. Plus, there’s no transaction fee when you use Shopify Lite to process credit card payments (although other payment types do incur a small fee).

With Shopify Lite, you can turn any space into a shop with the power of ecommerce. Simply connect your Facebook page or Instagram account and start selling products right away – no need for a website or online store! If you decide later that you want to upgrade to one of our other plans, your data will come with you – making it easy to grow your business on Shopify.

“What is Shopify Lite?”

Shopify Lite is a new way to sell online. It’s a simple, lightweight addition to any website that lets you turn your site into an online store in minutes. With Shopify Lite, you can add buy buttons to any page on your website and start selling products without needing to create a separate shop or product pages.

Shopify Lite is perfect for anyone who wants to start selling online but doesn’t need all the features of a full-fledged ecommerce platform. It’s also great for those who already have a website and just want to add ecommerce functionality without starting from scratch. And because it’s so lightweight, it won’t slow down your site or take up too much space.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to start selling online, Shopify Lite is the perfect solution. You can get started in minutes, and it won’t slow down your site or take up much space. So why wait? Try Shopify Lite today!

“How does Shopify Lite work?”

Shopify Lite is a super simple way to start selling on Facebook and Instagram. You can create buyable posts and ads, track your sales, and manage your products all in one place. Plus, setting up Shopify Lite is a breeze – it only takes a few minutes to get started!

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“Is Shopify Lite right for me?”

Shopify Lite is a great option for businesses that are just getting started with eCommerce or those who want to add selling capabilities to their existing website. It’s also a good choice for businesses that only sell occasionally, such as at craft fairs or pop-up shops.

Here’s what you need to know about Shopify Lite:

1. Shopify Lite starts at $9 per month, making it one of the most affordable eCommerce platforms on the market.

2. With Shopify Lite, you can add a Buy Button to your existing website or blog and start selling products right away. There’s no need to build a separate online store – your Buy Button will work seamlessly with your existing website.

3. Shopify Lite includes all of the same features as the regular Shopify plan, including secure checkout, 24/7 support, and fraud protection. The only difference is that you can’t create a full online store with Shopify Lite – you’ll only be able to sell through your Buy Button.”

“How do I get started with Shopify Lite?”

If you’re thinking about setting up an online store but aren’t quite ready to commit to the Shopify platform, Shopify Lite might be a good option for you. With Shopify Lite, you can set up a buy button on your existing website or blog and start selling products right away.

To get started with Shopify Lite, all you need is a Stripe account (if you don’t already have one) and to add a few lines of code to your website. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to do this in the Shopify Help Center.

Shopify Lite starts at $9 per month, which is more expensive than some other ecommerce platforms out there. However, it’s important to remember that with Shopify Lite you’re not just getting a shopping cart solution – you’re also getting access to all of Shopify’s powerful features and support.

“What are the benefits of using Shopify Lite?”

Shopify Lite is a powerful ecommerce platform that enables online businesses of all sizes to reach new heights. It offers a wide range of features and benefits that can help businesses grow and succeed. Among its many advantages, Shopify Lite allows users to create beautiful online stores, manage inventory and orders easily, accept payments seamlessly, and scale their business with ease.

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For businesses just starting out, Shopify Lite can be an excellent choice as it is easy to use and does not require any prior experience or knowledge in coding or web development. Setting up a shop on Shopify Lite is quick and straightforward – perfect for businesses who want to get started selling online as soon as possible. Additionally, Shopify’s 24/7 support team are always on hand should you need any assistance along the way.

Once your business starts to grow, Shopify Lite will continue to provide the tools and support needed to take things to the next level. With its scalability feature, businesses can upgrade their subscription at any time without losing any data or having to rebuild their store from scratch – making it easy to accommodate sudden growth spurts. Overall, there are numerous reasons why using Shopify Lite could be beneficial for your business; from its ease of use and affordability right through to its comprehensive feature set and scalability options, it really is the complete package when it comes to ecommerce platforms.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Can I sell on Shopify for free?

  2. Shopify allows you to create an online shop for no cost. Shopify is free to use for 14 days if you are interested in selling online. Plans start at $29.00 USD/month after that.

  3. Can I upgrade my Shopify plan?

  4. You can update your plan. Only current plans can be updated by Shopify. You can’t change your plan or suspend your store if your store is currently on an outdated plan.

  5. What is the difference between Shopify and Shopify Lite?

  6. Shopify Lite is different from the other plans because you don’t get a fully-functional online shop with a shopping cart. Shopify Lite doesn’t allow you to create a website for your company. Instead, Shopify Lite integrates with a website that is already existent or a social media site.

  7. What is the cheapest Shopify plan?

  8. Shopify has three pricing options: Shopify Basic is $29/month, and Shopify Basic includes 2.9% + 30 for each online transaction. Shopify’s main plan is $79/month, and includes 2.6% + 30 transactions. Advanced Shopify is $299 per month and offers 2.4% + 30 transactions.

  9. How much does Shopify Lite charge per transaction?

  10. Shopify Lite Rates & Fees The Shopify Lite pricing structure is simple: it costs $9/month. 2.7% per swiped/dipped/tapped transactions (with Shopify Payments). 2.9% + $0.30 keyed input, eCommerce transactions and invoices with Shopify Payments.

  11. Does Shopify collect sales tax?

  12. Shopify does not file and remit sales taxes on your behalf. To handle sales taxes, you might have to register your company with the local tax authority. Shopify offers reports and calculations that can help you make it easier to pay and file your taxes.

  13. Can you build a website with Shopify Lite?

  14. Buy Buttons are a quick way to turn any website into a profitable business. With just a few clicks, you can transform your WordPress website into an eCommerce store.

  15. How does the Shopify plan work?

  16. Your Shopify monthly subscription is cheaper. You will pay $9 per month to either keep your store updated or keep it up-to-date, instead of $29-299 per month for your Shopify subscription.

  17. What happens at the end of Shopify free trial?

  18. When your trial ends, your account will be locked and you won’t be charged any fees. Within 30 days, your data will be deleted. To cancel your account and store, you must manually close or pause your shop if you choose a pricing plan after the free trial ends.

  19. How does Shopify POS Lite work?

  20. Shopify Lite allows merchants to either sell in person (via POS lite), or to add a Buy button to an existing website. Shopify Lite allows you to see reports and issue gift certificates. You can also split bills. Shopify Lite is not able to build an online shop.

  21. Can Shopify Lite be used on Instagram?

  22. A Shopify store is required. The store cannot be password protected. You must have a Shopify account if you plan to sell Instagram products.

  23. Is there a way to use Shopify for free?

  24. You can try Shopify for 14 days before you commit to a monthly active plan. The free trial starts when you sign up and not when your store is created. If you decide to upgrade to a paid plan, you won’t be able lose the work that you have done on your store.


Yes, you can sell on Shopify for free with Shopify Lite. WithShopify Lite, you can start taking orders and processing payments immediately. There are no setup fees or a monthly subscription required. All you need is a Stripe account to get started.

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