Can I get my money back from Shopify?

When you create a Shopify account, you are automatically signed up for a 14-day free trial. After the trial ends, you’re charged a monthly subscription fee. If you decide to cancel your account within those first 14 days, then you are entitled to a full refund of your subscription fee. But what if you cancel after the 14-day period?

How to get a refund from Shopify

If you’re not happy with a purchase from Shopify, you can request a refund within 15 days of the date of delivery. To do so, contact the shop owner and let them know why you’re not satisfied. If the issue can’t be resolved, the shop owner will initiate a refund and your payment will be processed within 3-5 business days.

What to do if you’re not happy with your purchase from Shopify

If you’re not happy with your purchase from Shopify, there are a few things you can do. First, try contacting the shopify support team. They may be able to help you with your issue. If that doesn’t work, you can try reaching out to the person who made your purchase. They may be able to refund you or help you troubleshoot the issue. Lastly, if all else fails, you can always try asking for a refund from Shopify directly.

How to file a dispute with Shopify

If you’re a merchant on Shopify and you believe that a customer has filed a dispute against your shop in error, you can reach out to Shopify’s support team to have the dispute reviewed. In order to do this, you’ll need to log in to your Shopify account and go to the settings page. From there, click on the “Billing” tab and then scroll down to the “Disputes” section. Here, you’ll see a list of all of the disputes that have been filed against your shop. To file a dispute with Shopify, simply click on the “File Dispute” button next to the relevant order.

Once you’ve filed a dispute with Shopify, their team will review the case and reach out to the customer if they believe that the dispute is valid. If the dispute is found to be invalid, it will be closed and no funds will be withdrawn from your account. However, ifShopify finds thatthe customer does have a valid claim, they will begin working with both parties to resolve the issue.

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I want my money back! What are my options?

When you’re running a business, there are always going to be times when things don’t go according to plan. Maybe a product doesn’t sell as well as you thought it would, or a supplier lets you down and your inventory levels take a hit. Whatever the situation, if you find yourself in a position where you want your money back, it’s important to know what your options are.

If you paid for goods or services with a credit card, you may be able to get a refund by contacting your credit card issuer and asking them to process a chargeback. This is where the credit card company reversal the charges on your behalf as they deem appropriate.

Another option is to contact Shopify directly and request a refund that way. You can do this by logging into your account and going to the ‘Billing’ section. From here, you should see an option to request a refund next to any recent charges. Bear in mind that Shopify may not give refunds in all cases, but it’s always worth asking!

And finally, if all else fails, Small Claims Court is an option for customers in certain countries who have been unable to obtain refunds through other means. This involves filing paperwork with the court and potentially attending hearings, so it’s not something to be undertaken lightly. However, if you feel like you have grounds for complaint and Have Exhausted All Other Options , thenSmall Claims Court could be an avenue worth investigating further.”

Didn’t receive what I ordered from Shopify- now what?

If you didn’t receive what you ordered from Shopify, there are a few things you can do.

First, check your order history to see if the item was marked as shipped. If it was, then contact the shop where you placed the order and ask them to track the package for you.

If the item wasn’t marked as shipped, then reach out to Shopify’s support team for help. They’ll be able to tell you what happened to your order and help get things sorted out.

In either case, always make sure to keep an eye on your credit card statements in case you need to dispute any charges.

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Where is my refund?

If you’re wondering where your Shopify refund is, don’t worry! It’s on its way. Here’s what you need to know:

When you request a refund from a Shopify store, the merchant has 48 hours to issue the refund. If they don’t issue the refund within that time frame, Shopify will automatically issue the refund on your behalf.

Once the merchant issues the refund, it can take 3-5 business days for the funds to appear back in your account.

If you still haven’t received your refund after 5 business days, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help investigate further.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Why can’t I view my store on Shopify?

  2. Log in using an alternative internet browser. Log in with private/incognito mode in your browser. Restart your internet browser and clear all caches and cookies.

  3. Can I get my money back from Shopify?

  4. Shopify Payments allows you to issue refunds. The amount will be deducted from the next payout. It can take up to 10 days for a refund to your customer.

  5. Are Shopify and MyShopify the same?

  6. MyShopify provides a complimentary URL when you sign up for an account on the Shopify eCommerce platform. Shopify offers a complimentary domain or subdomain, as with any online store. The sub-domain will look something like: yourstorename. myshopify. com.

  7. Are Shopify websites safe?

  8. Shopify PCI compliant Shopify has been certified as Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. Shopify stores are automatically compliant with this standard. Our company is serious about hosting your shop securely and has invested considerable time to ensure that our solution meets PCI compliance.

  9. How much are people making on Shopify?

  10. Shopify can bring in between $1000 and $1500 per month for a small business. With Shopify’s lower overhead costs, dropshippers could earn up to $10,000. A Littledata survey in May 2022 revealed that Shopify had an average revenue of $92.

  11. Why can’t I log into my Shopify store?

  12. If you still have trouble logging in, please clear your browser cache. It would be yourstorename. myshopify. Next, enter your email address and password. These documents provide more information: Logging into Shopify

  13. How much does a Shopify website cost?

  14. Shopify has three pricing options: Shopify Basic is $29/month, and Shopify Basic includes 2.9% + 30 for each online transaction. Shopify’s main plan is $79/month, and includes 2.6% + 30 transactions. Advanced Shopify is $299 per month and offers 2.4% + 30 transactions.

  15. Does Shopify have buyer protection?

  16. Shopify Protect covers fraud-based chargesbacks for eligible Shop Pay transactions. This applies whether Shopify is used to sell or social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

  17. What is Myshopify?

  18. Shopify allows you to start and grow a business. The experience of thousands of merchants who use our platform has helped us to be leaders in commerce.

  19. Can I start Shopify for free?

  20. Shopify allows you to create an online shop for no cost. Shopify is free to use for 14 days if you are interested in selling online. Plans start at $29.00 USD/month after that.

  21. What is a Shopify balance account?

  22. Shopify Balance allows you to manage all your transactions and payments from one location. Shopify Balance cards can be used to earn cashback or receive partner offers.

  23. What is the name of my Shopify store?

  24. The store name you choose is used to dynamically create your Shopify sub-domain in the format https://yourstorename. myshopify. com. The subdomain will be used internally for things like setting up your Shopify store and logging in to your Shopify account.


If you’re thinking about starting a Shopify store, or are in the process of setting one up, you may be wondering if you can get your money back if it doesn’t work out.

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The short answer is: Yes, you can get a refund from Shopify. But there are a few things to keep in mind before you request one.

First,Shopify offers a 14-day free trial, so if you’re not happy with the platform within that time frame, you can simply cancel your account and receive a full refund. However, if it’s been more than 14 days since you signed up, then Shopify will only issue a partial refund based on how many months of service remain on your plan.

Second, when it comes to refunds, Shopify’s policy is “all sales are final.” This means that even if you cancel your account outside of the 14-day window, they will still deduct any applicable transaction fees from your refund amount. So depending on how much sales volume your store does, those fees could eat into your refund quite significantly.

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